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Ventura Bottlers Pvt. Ltd.

Level 4, Autoland Building
P.O Box 8116 Teku-12, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Each Nepali should have an access to purchase international beverages at an affordable price anywhere within the country. Making it happen without compromising international quality standard of product and process can be daunting. However, with a motive “Nepalese deserve to keep up with the world” Ventura Bottlers Pvt. Ltd decided to install world class beverage manufacturing equipment from US, France & Germany in Makwanpur, Nepal.  Its process quality is setup to be second to none. This setup has made Ventura Bottlers a world class bottler in Nepal’s beverage industry. As a result, the global Royal Crown International (RC) brand and Ventura’s own MountVita brand are easily accessible to the market at affordable pricing while giving the local unemployed community more opportunity. We truly believe this sort of activity boosts our domestic manufacturer and consumer enthusiasm. We will continue to strive for better products with improvements and new launches while respecting the norms of competitive products.